Pre-Litigation Program

Setting Us Apart

Dealing with personnel issues has become increasingly difficult. Due to the complexity of laws, union contracts and court rulings, very few employers have the resources to allow someone the time needed to remain up-to-date and informed in all areas of personnel management.

Our program is designed to provide technical assistance in the management of personnel issues. Our goal is to be involved at the onset of the problem and help employers present to their legal counsel the proper documentation to proceed with discipline, when necessary. This helps prevent undue legal expenses and the possibility of the desired action being compromised in the administrative hearing process.

Another unique benefit of the program is the opportunity to communicate with experienced professionals who have been where you are and can offer a calm voice of reassurance and direction.

Consulting Services

  • Third-party review and one-on-one assistance at the onset and throughout the personnel issue.
  • Professional analysis of labor contracts, personnel manuals, and policies and procedures relative to the evaluation process and employee discipline.
  • Provide assistance in conducting investigations, formulate findings, and provide recommendations to assist the employer through the probation, discipline, or termination process.

Taking the Right Steps:

  • Utilize in-service programs and training.
  • Meet with Pre-Litigation consultant and review the program at onset of personnel problem.
  • Review personnel file and supporting documents.
  • Make agency (policymakers) aware of the process to be taken.
  • Detail outline of employer's actions to date.
  • Review procedures and legal requirements with the Pre-Litigation team.
  • Develop a plan of action with timeline.

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